Rockliffs are Carbon Neutral

Rockliffs believes in contributing to the community and having a positive impact on its stakeholders as a socially and environmentally responsible law firm. We aim to achieve our environmental goals by implementing energy efficiency projects and maintaining carbon neutrality.

1. Measure -
A carbon foot print was undertaken by Rockliffs in the financial year 2010/2011 which was used by Rockliffs as a base line to offset our emissions year on year. Rockliffs will commission a review of our Carbon Footprint every three years through our carbon management specialists Pangolin Associates to determine whether the Carbon Footprint has changed.

2. Manage -
Emissions Management Plan is adopted to achieve the organisation’s environmental targets and objectives, which is in place to monitor and reduce energy usage and GHG emissions throughout our daily operations.

3. Minimise -
To achieve carbon neutrality, the calculated emissions were offset by purchasing and retiring verified carbon credits on the Carbon Trade Exchange. Rockliffs purchased carbon credits from the following projects:-

3.1 a Thailand Wastewater Treatment Project with Biogas Production (UASB) designed to reduce wastewater;
3.2 a Chinese Wind Power Project designed to provide alternative electricity generation;
3.3 a wind power facility to generate renewable energy for the North China power grid in Inner Mongolia, China; and
3.4 recovery and flaring of land fill gases (LFG’s) emitted by a municipal land fill in Illinois USA and to thereafter utilise the flared LFG’s for renewable energy generation, with the capacity to produce 42,000 NWh of electricity annually.

To fully integrate energy efficiency into corporate culture, Rockliffs has adopted energy-reducing strategies including:-

  • a stationery amnesty to encourage the recycling and the reusing of surplus stationery    
  • replacing inefficient halogen down lights and fluorescent tubes;
  • installing sensors;
  • cleaning with “green products”;
  • utilising swipe cards for the stairs to enable staff to walk between levels of the office rather than using the lift;
  • automation as well as applying green office policy;
  • encouraging staff to apply more energy efficient methods in the workplace;
  • actively promote recycling and reusing both internally and amongst suppliers and clients;
  • minimise paper usage by reviewing all standard documentation and encouraging the use of email and on screen reviewing to reduce printing;
  • considering environmental issues when dealing with suppliers;
  • donating computers to a local school (rather than disposal of computers); and
  • electronic leave forms for staff.

The framework for ensuring long-term environmental sustainability is created for understanding and managing direct and indirect environmental impacts. Through a holistic carbon management approach, Rockliffs is committed to continually improving and monitoring environmental performance.
Affiliate 1Pangolin Associates Sustainability Rating

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